St. John XXIII Hospital-Aber is a Private-Not-For-Profit (PNFP) Catholic-founded
Hospital owned by the Registered Trustees of St John XXIII Hospital- Aber, Lira
Diocese and governed by the Board of Governors.
From a small nursing home in 1953, the Hospital has grown through the years to a 220-
bed capacity General Hospital providing general clinical care and limited specialist
services and now Medical Internship Training Center.
The hospital continues to expand both in quality of care and infrastructure development.
St. John XXIII Hospital, Aber is a Centre of Excellence in Oyam district, Northern
Our existence and services of the hospital are based on four guiding principles namely:

  1. Accessibility: capable of being reached, approached
  2. Equity: are we fair & just
  3. Efficiency: doing things right with the limited resources
  4. Quality: safe, patient centered care, timeliness, correct diagnosis & treatment, patient
    rights & responsibility and evidence based care.