Pope John’s Hospital Aber is a hospital. It was started in 1953 as a dispensary/ maternity Centre by the Italian congregation of Comboni missionary sisters. As need for better health services increased, the health unit was upgraded gradually and became a hospital in 1969. The Comboni missionaries were joined by CUAMM, an Italian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with their funds and skilled man power. For a number of years the hospital relied completely on external finances and skilled man power.

The hospital was run on a charitable basis (services free of charge) taking into consideration the poverty of people with time patient contribution were introduced in the form of fees for services. The income rose to 25% to the overall income of the hospital.

In June 1993 the Comboni missionaries handed the responsibility of the hospital to the Dioceses of Lira and the congregation of Mary mother of church (MMC) was appointed as managing agency. In December of the same year CUAMM ended their support to the hospital

The hospital is still fair and has grave difficulties in affording the services of the hospital yet this is the most cherished hospital for Oyam district and other parts of Gulu, Kiryandongo, Apac, Kole and Nwoya District with the catchment population of about 50460 people of which 10193 are women of reproductive age (15-49 years), 17560 are Adolescent and youth (10-24 years), 27803 are children below 18 years and 2170 are under one year of age.

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